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Puncture Repair

Don’t let a puncture slow you down.  Whether you have a slow puncture or a fast puncture, we are here and on hand to keep you moving.

Punctures come in all shapes and sizes.  More often than not a puncture is caused by driving over a nail or screw.  Some punctures can be harder to detect and some can even be caused by faulty air valves.

At Auto GT the first thing we do is take the tyre off the vehicle and perform puncture detection to see where the leak is coming from.  Sometimes this is obvious and in some cases can be a little tricky.

Once the puncture has been detected we then remove any offending object which has caused the puncture.  We then clean the hole and perform a professional puncture repair.

More often than not our puncture repairs are completed within 15 minutes or less.  Once a puncture repair is completed to a tyre we then pump the tyre up and re-check.  We can then re-fit the tyre to your vehicle ensuring you are on the move again.

When a puncture repair is completed, the puncture repair will likely outlast the actual tyre life.  This is because we use the very best quality puncture repair material and expertise to ensure punctures are repaired professionally.

We pride ourselves on the very best service, competitive pricing and customer care.  If your vehicle is slowing you down then bring it in to one of our garages in Grays, Essex and we can perform a professional puncture repair today.

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