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MOT Testing in Grays, Essex

Based in Grays, Essex we specialise in MOT testing with state of the art equipment and fully qualified friendly mechanics.

Is your car or van due an MOT?  Perhaps your car is out of MOT and needs testing on short notice?  At Auto GT we pride ourselves on not just high quality work, but competitive pricing and outstanding customer care.

What is an MOT?

An MOT (Ministry of Transport Test) is an annual test of vehicle safety, emissions and roadworthiness aspects.  An MOT is mandatory for most vehicles over three years of age and is normally due annually, although if you have a public service vehicle this might be due every six months or even three months.

Although an MOT checks various aspects of your car, like brakes, suspension, lights, seat belts etc, it is not a comprehensive guarantee that your vehicle will last another twelve months.  Instead an MOT indicates the vehicle at the time of inspection meets the bare minimum requirements of a vehicle on the road at the time.

When an MOT test is carried out on a vehicle it usually lasts around 45 minutes.  Within this time the MOT tester will check over all of the criteria on the car and report either a pass or a fail.

If your vehicle passes an MOT this is because it has met basic standards and criteria although you may receive ‘advisories’ which mean there are certain things noted to ensure your car remains roadworthy.   Advisories are usually smaller problems such as the brakes are starting to get low, or tyres are starting to get low on tread, but as they are at that specific time means they are just legal and within standards of inspection.

MOT Re-Testing

If your car or van does fail an MOT you will be presented with written improvements for the vehicle required before a valid MOT pass certificate will be issued.

A re-test is usually free of charge as long as the vehicle is re-tested within a certain period (usually up to ten days from the date of the test failure).  When performing the re-test, only the problem which prevented the pass will be re-tested.

MOT Repairs

If your vehicle does fail its MOT then do not worry.  At Auto GT we will know what the problem is and what fix is required.  Our friendly and experienced team can advise you of the problem and provide a free no-obligation quotation for the repair.

Whether you need new tyres, new brake pads or something else, we are on hand to help our customers wherever necessary to ensure the repair is professionally carried out to ensure an MOT pass.

Booking your MOT

Booking an MOT inspection for your vehicle could not be easier.  Just give us a call and a member of our team can book in the MOT test at a time and date suitable for you.

We always aim to provide the best availability and have two workshops in the Thurrock area to ensure we can cope with high demand. 

If you are looking for an MOT in Grays, Thurrock or Essex then pop down to Auto GT today.  We specialise in performing MOT testing on a wide variety of vehicles.  All work we undertake is professional, reliable and competitively priced.

Book your MOT in Grays today with Auto GT.  Give us a call now to get booked in.

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