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There are many signs and symptoms of a gearbox on its way out.  From a scratching or pulling noise coming from the gearbox, to the car ‘popping’ out of gear when driving – people often get confused as to whether it is the gearbox or clutch that is the problem when they bring their vehicle to us.

Usually a clutch will go long before a gearbox, but if you have already had a clutch replacement it can be likely the fault does indeed lie with the gearbox itself. 

Sometimes a gearbox does not need replacing, but instead the gearbox just needs slightly adjusting.  It could be the gearbox springs or even the gearbox oil running low.

At Auto GT we pride ourselves in an honest and reliable service.  Our professional team can inspect your vehicle and after inspection can give you exact fault diagnosis.  We can also provide you a full and accurate quotation for repair ensuring you are not stung with a bill you did not expect.

We are proud to complete all work to the highest standards, whilst keeping our pricing competitive and our customer care consistently the best.

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