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Every vehicle has an exhaust to release the emissions generated from burning petrol or diesel.  Some vehicles have single exhausts, whilst some cars have complicated twin exhaust systems designed to enhance performance or just for aesthetic effect.  At Auto GT we think we have supplied and fitted almost every type of exhaust system there are out there.

From show cars to general household cars, the most common problem we find is that peoples exhausts are making too much noise (or for racers often too little).  Exhausts are made of metal and can end up with holes in them.  Either due to impact damage or just rusty wear and tear, often exhausts need repairing or replacing in general.

At Auto GT we can supply and fit almost any type of exhaust for most makes and model of vehicle.  We can also supply racing exhausts, exhaust tips and complete exhaust systems if required.

When it comes to emissions, your exhaust has a big role to play.  The filter on your car can help reduce emissions and help your car either pass MOT or be allowed to drive in the low emission zone within London and other areas.  The penalty on high emissions can leave you exhausted (see what we done there) so don’t leave yourself open for a fine.

For all aspects of exhaust supply, fitting and repairs pop down to our garages located in Grays, Thurrock and Essex today.

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