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At Auto GT we are on hand to help with any vehicle problem.  One of the common problems customers bring their car to us for is their battery.  Often their battery is old and not performing as it should.  From problems such as loss of power, to the battery not charging – these are all problems often diagnosed to a faulty battery, loose connection or faulty alternator.

At Auto GT we can supply a variety of branded brand new vehicle batteries for any car or van within our garages in Grays, Essex.  If you require a new battery for your car, van or other vehicle get in touch with us.

We can not only fault diagnose, but we can carry out a battery replacement for you and even fix other problems like alternator problems and loose connection problems.

We pride ourselves on performing high quality work, competitively priced and backed up by our superior level of customer care.

If you require a new battery or you are having connection or power issues on your car, just give us a call today or if you can, drive the car down to one of our garages located in Grays, Essex.

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